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Friday, July 30, 2010


Insanity of mag[m]

Me : What-the-Fuck , u r still sleeping , how can u do this to me.
Saurabh : *yawn* bro just give me 15 min, I will be there.
Me: m already waiting for u from past half ’n’ hour.
Saurabh : cool bro cool , lit some cigarette and take some Eye-Tonic (off couse for hot chicks) and m coming *call disconnected*

Ohhh FUCK U SAURABH….!!!   I never understand his worthless talks like ,y he is in so hurry in disconnecting the incoming calls , which cigarette has a lifetime of 15 min, and what the hell a hot chick will do at bus-stand 7’o’clock in the morning.At  last he came , came 30 min more late and I already know this ( women’s 15 min = 1 hour and saurabh’s 15 min = half hour, …. That’s y I call him a HALF WOMEN)

Me : so where we have to go ??
Saurabh : its a interview in HP.
Me : whats the address ??
Saurabh: how would I know *innocent*, u r here from past 1 hour and don’t know the address , what the fuck r u doing here, u asshole, fucker ….
Me : (only bad thing about engineering guys, they don’t even talk without some exclamatory words) ok ok check ur mail and find the address ( thnxs to mobile )

Somehow we managed to reached at destination and we r attended by the DOBERMANS ( yaa this was the  name of attendants….. actually the security guards from DOBERMANS SECURITY….what  a blender name) well we settled down, submitted our resums, fill the form and than starts waiting for our turn but…

How can a story b completed without girl and this time a group of girls, …HOT GIRLS , they continuously gaze us and laugh, again they saw us and laugh… both of we looked at each other and than we checked our dress , hairstyle , facial expression for any awkwardness but everything is perfect, but still they r looking at us and smiling, we r unable to resolve the mystry, we cant understand that what the fuck is going on.We decided to protect our “IZZAT” and We took our chairs ( yaa limited chairs were their so we have to protect them like anything) and placed just next to them and started our self defence…

Saurabh : yaar wo laal wali meri hai.
Me: sale tum usi k layak ho , but don’t dare to put ur eye on girl in jeans.
Saurabh : kaun jeans wali be * now he saw her* abe ye to bht maal hai, teri bhabhi yahi          banegi.
Me : to lal wali ka kya hoga…??
Saurabh : Lal wali ko plan-B k liye rakh lete hai, jeans wali nhi maani to lal wali pe try karenge lekin aaj khali haath nhi jayenge.
Me : hmm to main bhi 2 select ker leta hoon.

We really don’t know that these HOT-GIRLS cant even understand hindi( all efforts wasted by COOL-BOYZ… *sympathy*) but sometimes “action speaks louder than words” and our focus of eyes on different parts of girls, our way of absurd talking and  hand movement done it for us. HOT-GIRLS just scared of us and gone from there and in the battle between HOT GIRLS vs COOL BOYZ, we won . Some times ur insanity can save u. Thnxs to saurabh.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

First Time in "BANG-alore"

Insanity of mag[m]...

Bangalore…. Ya same city that known for “THREE W” ( Whether, wine and off course woman). It is the dream city for all engineers (ya I declare it as engineers city , what u denied with me *angry* just hide ur ass and get lost from here), m here from past 5 days and every day I spend like a tourist not because ma insanity but by its nomenclature( maratalli , banargatti, agrahara * yekk wrong spelling again*…. Ma engineering is even easier than to remember this) m trying to explore it in ma way. so here it comes ma experience…

1. Hot chicks…. *shining in eyes* bullshit yaar, more than 80% girls have darker complexions than me , 10% are suffered from over stomach and moustaches, 8% don’t know English ( dil k armaan dil me hi reh gaye ...) and rest 2% are already  engaged (what !!!  again no chance for me*sad*)

2. Buses… high frequency, low crowd, well maintained but still drivers never used their horns. Its ur duty to  keep urself away from their way even at the turns. So its BETTER TO LATE THAN NEVER…ohhh its not for bus its for u ma dear.

3.If u want to communicate with corporate employees, bus stands are the best place for u. Because 75% of them may belongs to top MNC’s of world ( google, Amcad, sapient intel, oracle ,IBM ,blah blah…)

4.first time here I enjoyed ma smoking puffs with a girl ( she came ,buy, burn it and smoke just next to me hardly 50 cm away). I thought I never forget that day but who knows this scene repeat itself as CID reruns on sony, 5 times in a day and everyday.Here cigrette packets are extra yellow and samosas are preserved like sweets and Sambhar is all time most demanded dish for all and can be use in any form( as Daal , Sabji, Soup , taste maker,drink). First time i saw 18 types of DOSA . 

5.Best part is that when in morning ur illetrate cook asked u " sir what will u prefer in breakfast" ( what...!!!! he know english than how can i say him ILLETRATE....Bade bade shahro me choti choti baate hoti rehti hai simran) In Bangalore first time I understand the feelings of illiterate persons *sympathy*. and the..Address was written just in front of me but still I cant read it (KANNAD  u have done it ...congrats !!!), autos , buses, radio, mobile ringtone , people talking everything is like it is pinching hard in the ear.

6.I cant understand y bangalorians love “aa” word most like larga, wenta, calla and yahan tak to thik hai they even don’t feel awkward to use this saga of “aa” in fuck, suck, lick etc.Here GOLDFLAKE is smoked by extreme lower class and their wordings at shop is One-aa  smallaa goldflake-aa.

But inspite of all factors it’s a city of dreamers who dare to go beyond clouds and believe in expanding the horizons, it’s a city of software explosion  with electronic blast , everything is perfect, I just can say only “M LOVIN IT”.

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