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Sunday, April 25, 2010

ANKIT MISHRA.....a HIDden HUnk's persoNALs

This post is specially for ma frnd ankit. He is a man of great BHASHARATPUR,altough it was a typicall goan type name but still he always said that first "h "is silent in the name( plz pronounce it with "h" and without "h") it is a place just like our favorite CHAUMSBERG where on national highways hardly two bikes can travel in parallel and where still people prefer LOTA in morning than TOILET.

Well he is cute innocent and a chocolaty type boy with guts and balls......oops sorry its not balls its FOOTBALL but unfortunately with a dirty mind . I know u dont beleive me but who can almost raped a girl who takes tutions from him during his coaching times and more after who dare to search for balls in a girl's jeans while watching the  movie MURDER with her in the darkness of theater and more intrestingly she was his neighbour in Gorakhpur ( who khows aur kya kya khel kiya hoga us bechaari k saath ). He is an experianced guy of RED LIGHT (what a short cut yaar ) .He is a real asshole.

He is a man who is a chain of disgusting activities or totally insane, He loves the "transy suit" ( real word is missing) of  ANNI and (-) (-) of our lady chemistry teacher , skin of RASSAGULLA and......i cant discribe any more bcoz it consists some sizzling part of female community , u can imagine his HAWAS by that  ki sote samay bhi LAAR tapakti rehti hai.He is a man with HYDRO SEAL.

Overall he is such a great personality with a very soft heart but as he himself admit that his sexual orientation has been changed so now he is planning for silicon implantation for some curves.... (ohhhh yaaa 34-B it is his fav no and it is not a shoe no) m running out of words to discribe him more but talking abt him is sometimes so worthfull specially for lady lovers.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

STRUGGLING streets OF love

It was a story of the time when drinking referred as coffee or tea and smoking was hidden unreal dream of mine.where bunking the classes is the one of the most daring task and enjoyment means a canteen party. It was a time of ma first year. It was the year when i had done nothing except NEERVI .

She was the first crush of mine in college but who knows that ma other closest frnds also have the same crush.It was just like as a line in front of a ration shop . But one of ma senior suggested me once that its better to choose a girl than ur frnd. so i planned to remove all ma frnds frm line rather than to impress her.It tooks a complete one sem but the 2nd sem was mine when i have no rival on competetion.

One of ma Love guru once said that in the theory of "patana-satana-hatana" patana was the most easy task but unfortunately i was failed in this part. During ma second sem as she was ma practical partner we spent atleast 12 hr a week sitting just next to each other hardly 2 cm away. It was a memorable time when she leaned totally on me during dark room practical, some of her sensitive parts were generating a wave inside ma manhood.I really like her specially in her transy suit.She always used to crash her node to sit besides me during every computer laband Even I was ragged inhumanly many times by one of our senior ATUL MANISHI just bcoz of her.

The unsaid commitment can b seen frm both side when i used to catch the train frm Kanpur instead of Lucknow just to meet her and she used to catch the train at 2.30 mid night just to complete the promise to attend the physics lab together.I had to pay 700 for a 300 college shirt just bcoz she said that it was a nice shirt and suits u.But still i thought that all is just a frndship.But that sucking electrical lab when she told me that she knows everything. Everything means abt ma crush in clg, ma efforts for it, ma attempts to talk with her and more specifically she knows, all that is for her only.

I was so famous bcoz of her that once i received a phone call frm her home town by one of her so called ASHIK named UMANG he warn me to stay away frm her and said that she was her GF. After that the sms round was started on ma cell phone it was all bullshit road chaap PYAAR WALI SHAAYRI sended by her another ASHIK who claimed that she gave him this no and said that it activated only when she was in clg. Ma no was  aired in whole JAAT's city .sorry for this rude but yet impressive word.

She now became totally  mystry for me with  lots of affair cases which were proved right when one of her class mates joined our clg as ma jounier.But still i want her bcoz only the bad girls can take u anywhere, I proposed her but it was a shocking, all bullshit for me that she refused. I cant understand the reason than one of ma favourite senior suggested to me that "Only a whore can accept ur proposal in single attempt". so try untill she said yes. But i cant bcoz firstly it was a men's ego and secomndly i  believed in BUS STOP gone than another must come.


 Some times in life we got the things which we desire most but in a very tragic manner and even at a time when u r not ready and unable to react.This was a story of a girl named Vertika from lucknow. She was doing LAW from lucknow university. It was a daring task to have a relation with a girl whose one of the teaching faculty is your elder brother. I took the risk to see some flying colours.

Everything was going like a normal love story. Long chats, telephonic conversation, oral love making , future plannings and all.It was like "Sazan mera us paar hai ...milne ko dil bekaraar hai " so as with me whenever i got the time i called her even in the mean time from ma clg to hostel journey in lunch time. i had to charge ma cell phone thrice in a day , top up bills sucked ma entire pocket money, it was a min of 6-8 hrs talk in a day , if i devote that much time in ma studies than surely i will get IIM in CAT but some curves in women are more intresting than IIM.

It was ma first date with her in Lucknow ,It was her birthday ,she bunked her classes, I was pretty exited but suddenly all ma dreams were broken down when i saw that she came with her friend PRIYA.Although priya is more hotter than Vertika but still cuteness is something that gives Vertika an upperhand. Some how i managed to talk some private talks in presence of PRIYA. but again a new tragedy arises when she had a call frm her home to b there urgently . We have to leave the restra. It was the first time when i really wanna to abuse her brother..

During our way her frnd met with an accident and she got some scratches on her knee. Like wise any other silly girl she fumbeled and refuse to drive any more so i have to take her home.Now i thought of maself was just like a player who made 90 runs but still unable to make next 10 to complete his century I have to say good bye to ma love VERTIKA for this dramatic girl PRIYA. I feel so sucked on ma date.Still i have some hope to meet her in the evening before ma leaving to mathura.

But today i m more luckier than even i can think. PRIYA's family was out of town she is alone in the house. I done the first aid for her than a coffee round was started with a slow music on system. we talk for a time and suddenly her talks turned emotional.I dont know whats the reason behind this wether her injury or music or least probably me. what can i do better than to console her but who knows that it this consolation was just the starting. I lost ma controls , m helpless and had done something which i want to expect from VERTIKA I realised that some times to open the cap of a milk bottle is more pleasurous than to drink it, First time i felt that my hands can move faster than anything, after the session of 15 min i realized that it was wrong and some how i managed and control ma self to do some big things( u know what big things means when a girl and boy were sitting alone in home). It was the most difficult situation to stop urself doing for what , what u r waiting for past 20 years.  

We both Still i m confused that whatever i had done on that day was right or it was a mistake to b stepped back and after ma strong thinking i finally got the result that do as u think right but tell it to everybody accordingly, tell them what they want to hear.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love...LABOUR...... LOST

Love stories, that fascinates most of the peoples and while reading those they expect that " kaash mai hota hero ki jagah". but it is one of  the herculean task to be implemented. During ma engineering I saw many types of love like physical love, telephonic love, love via sms(Patel) , love via gtalk (manish)and most famous one sided love(ankit vaibhav). But only some one of us get the complete package of it. This was a story of a girl named SHRUTI. she was the liver of  Delhi and dont know why i started liking Delhi more than ma hometown , she was a CS engineer .

Most important  fact abt shruti is that her father has a software industry in London and she is the only daughter of his so it was like a movie STYLE where hero does only a gud thing in his whole life to make a gf that worth millions.i don't want loose the life time opportunity but one of the love guru of ma collage once said that only the china made things can be founded easily but they don't have any guarantee so as with love. But this girl factor or her family background made me blind and i started living in wonderland where u fix her pic as a computer wallpaper, u start having hanky in your pocket and more specifically u start avoiding abusive language and start taking less alcohol than previous.

Everything is going in its full flow but prob arises when i went to met her. It was a betrayal with me she ditch me she didn't came. I felt bad but worried more bcoz i have to answer ma mates about ma so called date who are more intrested in ma betrayal story than ma date,the situation came like " ab aaya oont pahad k neeche"and no body is in mood to forgive me.

After two days again we started talking with each other but this time m talking with ma mind than ma heart. now i have a very diplomatic answer of every question. this time it was me who made the things as before bcoz i wanna know who was playing pranks I tried so hard but i failed. i stopped talking with her ,deleted her frm ma orkut and gtalk.that was the best thing i can do to prevent me from any more embarrasment.

But wo kehte hai na ki sayana kutta "" khata hai. that was the case with me after 3 days she called me and it was a total bullshit with me. she was not fake . Everything that she told me earlier was true and now she dont want any relation with me. It was a break-up call.Now i cant find earth below ma feet it was a totally a KLPD like situation with me. That was a call that cost me millions . i have missed the opportunity to be a NRI . I will find another girl but how can i manage the millions.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Many Idiots

We r just like the next 13 lacks of upcoming graduates of this year but we are not like just " A Common Man" of movie A WEDNESDAY. We have something that makes us different from all and i don't know whether this difference is worth full or not.

A famous indian myth said that all the R & D and designing of humans beings was done by Lord BRAHMA but we r those whom are created by Lord SHIV because we have taken the zahar to the next level. ZAHAR , don't go for its literal meaning its a quality by virtue of which u can frustrate someone and compelled him to surrender in front of u.

we is counted as common noun so it doesn't have any specific name but we have. Its a WHITE STICK , we love this name and proud on it until only our parents knows about it because if they know what it means than we never know when will we go back home again.

We show different moods of  Lord SHIVA while creating us. he might be very hungry while creating anna, he might b thinking of his wife while creating ankit mishra but suddenly his hand shakes and some of parts missed( u know which part)  frm his body and it became a boy ,he must made Mangal during his TAANDAV , he might have created sumit while thinking of his older age and  after creating we all he wanna to take revenge from us so he created pd to punish us all.

In our collage life we have learned alot but unfortunately nothing was mentioned in the our syllabi, we had learned all the things that we were not supposed to learn and never done the the things for that we are here for.we spend more time on dhaba than to lecture hall.people warry for the exams but we warry from NAVRAATRI ( 9 continuous dry day).we never spend sleepless nights during exams bcoz one of our visionary frnd Yogi once said that " Agar subah ka padha subah likh diya jaye to kabhi galat nhi hota". Ultimately from Engineers we became a multidimesional persons.M personally writing this blog to show that even I can do this and more specifically to make fuss of some of ma mates.


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