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Sunday, May 30, 2010

BRokEn DEsiREs.......

From Amar prem to Rab ne bana di jodi , and DDLG to Mohabbtein and many more which i  missed have a common thing.....LOVE STORY ,deadly and simply mind blowing. Although we knew that these typical love stories are rarely to b possible in practical but the impact was so hard that some of us go crazy abt this phenomenon of love

this post is abt a guy ANKIT VAIBHAV whom i met in ma clg.he has his own love story but in a different way.It is not like CHETAN BHAGAT's two stages of marriage in fact many stages of love ....

7 STANDARD- he fell in live with his class monitor.cute smile, innocent talks made him crazy. He almost decided to propose her but before that she passed his name to class teacher abt his mischief in class.
RESULT- 2 hr kaan pakad ker bench per khada hona pada. means first crush..... FUCKED

10 STANDARD- This time he had a crush on his BIOLOGY teacher,he attended all her lecture with complete home work, she really impressed with him , but one mistake...only one...he placed the red rose in her book.
RESULT- beech corridor me MURGA bana diya gaya....means again.....FUCKED

ENGG. PREPARATION- Again a girl from Delhi stolen his heart, long chats, movie together, roaming in the city boosted his life.He started learning the curves of that girl rather that integration curve. But one day her brother caught him red handed.
RESULT- Bhari coaching me TADAK TADAK......3rd crush........FUCKED

ENGG. FIRST YEAR- Kutte ki pooch tedhi ki tedhi...again surrended his heart to his classmate. But this time great choice, a hot chick, playing the safest game of his life,no mistake no hyper excitement, but some time success involves a great risk. He took risk but a little later,she was already engaged.
RESULT- Bhawre ne khilaya phool , hool ko le gaya rajkuvar......once again...FUCKED

SECOND YEAR- Now he had pointed on a junior, he organized some unreasoned parties just to invite her, used the full power of seniority, asked for her personal cell no. sms her without reason just to show his care for her, and finally he made a plan to propose her after sem break during his journey to home with her...BUT she said bhaiya mera bhi reservation kara dena.
RESULT- Bhaiya mere rakhi k bandhan ko nibhana.......FUCKED

FINAL YEAR- after so many crushes now finally he achieves the saturation where a man just need 2 legs with gap in between and some curves. He doesn't have any criterion, even sometimes girl from gaon(chaumuha)looks him sexy. i dont know abt his engg degree but surely he achieves the tag of ROADSIDE ROMEO....hats off u

THInking POwer OF MInd.....AWEsome
INsiDE stORy
VIRginIty Vs FLIrting
LOose COntrOL
LOve LOst LAbour

Saturday, May 29, 2010

ThINkiNG POwer OF miND......AWEsome !!

Blogging is one of the typical task to perform specially when u r running out of time energy material and specially a topic, but its ma blog and i can write scrap also on it and no one can stop me not even Google itself.

It was a time of mid Dec when cold was on its peak, breeze was blowing, surrounding were full of silence and everyone surrendered himself in their packed home.Although m a chain smoker but sometimes even god pumped the smoke in ur mouth. i was waiting for ma turn in hostel mess and shivered every after 10 sec.I decided to have ma dinner in room under the warmth of room heater so i took the plate and headed towards the dormitory.

I love Britishers specially in this season when it comes to a use of a spoon instead of hands. I enjoyed the food and and passed ma plate just outside the door and jumped inside ma blanket without any crapy hand wash( who wants to pay such a big price to b hygienic).sometimes even food is more alcoholic than real alcohol it reacts immediately with an adverse effect of sleepyness...specially when u r student.

m enjoying ma sleep inside ma warmth little shelter till i found a knock on ma door... some how i woke up!! sleepy eyes sleepy voice nd sleepy mind too...i asked whoz that..?? no reply... i slept again ...suddenly i found a hard stuck on ma door . I woke up again..!!

Someone is hitting ma balcony door with horrible voice in the midnight. Still i cant imagine the scenario as m mind is still sleepy than suddenly a sound of " ghunghuru " came. ma mind moved first time i flash backed IRFAN KHAN's "MANO YA NA MANO" and AAHAT, i jumped for ma mobile with HANUMAAN CHALISA(actually order was interchanged) i tried to call ma mate....WTF!! insufficient balance...

I shouted for help, even from the deepest frm ma throat but ma strongest effort went soundless, m shivering again but this time reason was not same, i tried to hide ma self inside the quilt but only this time ma blanket was unable to hide maself. but human was the best creature of god so I collected the courage, reunited ma guts, checked for balls, relaoded ma nerves and decided to open the door...ya i decided to open the door(inside m fighting with maself that y i took this decision). I went for the latch and free it...uuuuffff it was a little MONKEY playing with some sort of "jhunjhuna" and this jhunjhuna made ma whole night jhunjhuna.

BROken DESires
LOose CONtroL
LOve LOst LAbour
STRuggLIng STreeTS of LOve
VIRgiNIty Vs FLIrtinG
A HIddEN HUnk's PERsoNAl

Friday, May 28, 2010

InsIDe STorY

Dont b confuse that it was an interview call for a job...or news paper or else.. bcoz neither m a celebrity nor the news channels have enough time nd space for such craps like me.

It was a hard call from hell (warden's office) where 7-8 monster r waiting for attack on a cute innocent boy who has just a crime to get drunked at that day. But whats a big deal if a 22 yr engineering guy drinks half a bottle of beer( actually just was 3 nd half bottle)... even people can smoke more poision in pollution in metros.

Monster: Whats ur name?
Me: Manish

Monster: From where u r coming ?
Me: (motherfucker when u know d truth than y r u asking with me) aaahhh...aaaahhh....nowhere sir.

Monster:Whats ur father mobile no.... tumhre kaarnaame to bata de?
Me: (this was d only thing frm which i afraid) Sir ma parents went to australia....aaaahhhh ma brother too....

Monster: "ghar per koi hai" ?
Me: naaah....only ma cousin was there...

Monster: call him ?
Me: i cant sir....plz sir plz....aahhh actually he was physically challenged by ear.

Monster: achha.... than write an apology letter and i will post it to to ur home
Me: mmm yes sir...(laughing silently...i know m safe now)i wrote an apology letter.

accidently he saw ma cell phone and all go for last dialed no... oh shit .....not was a no of a girl on whom i wasted ma 9 sms packs in just past 3 days.....he called her.

Monster: Is that arpita..??
She :yes

Monster : u know manish ??
She : yes

Monster: (with kamini smile) m UMESH calling frm manish's clg...and wanted to know u something abt manish..
She : go to hell with manish and u too...dont dare to call me again u asshole...he frustrated me with his msgs....if next time u called i will launch an FIR against u both ...

Monster looked at me with puzzled eyes filled with anger... but now he strats talking to me with some kind of a respect ( i guess that he guessed that i m not caught just by a guess, he might have though me as a big criminal , a gangster) he said....

Monster: aur kaun kaun tha saath me ??
Me: sir I drink alone...
Monster: y so ?
Me: bcoz i became violent and dangerous after drinking.
Monster: how u know...??
Me : ma frnds told me...
Monster: nd whats ur frnd name ??
Me : ( now i realizez what i told to him) aaahhh no one sir....aawwwaaaak...(vomit...(actually pretend 2 vomit)

he looked at me and said ...go to ur room i will see u tommorow....u will regret for this mistake....but once anyone get from instant than no bloody mother fucker licking dick can do anything...

BRokEN DEsireS
LOOse CONtrol
STruGGliNG stREEts OF LOve
LOve LOst LAbour
VIRgiNIty Vs FlirtING

Friday, May 14, 2010


CITIABAAZ.....this is the word that i learned during ma clg life.Ma mates called me that i m one of the biggest citiabaaz of the college but i never understand whats a big deal in that even i thought that it was a far better catagory than some of ma popular mates have. They were considered as innocent assholes bcoz their truth was hidden behind their ass. this was a post to reveal their success story.

I would like to start ma story with a hero of BIHAR who enjoyed every female orgasm in his BIHAR like " gaon ki chori , kare ganne k khet me hora hori". he is none other than CHANDRA PRAKASH DWIVEDI. who lost his virginity first time when he is in 11 standard at the time when  i even dont know what the virginity is....Next emerging star is SAURABH PATEL who can forget to put ATM card in his wallet but never forgot to put a packet of CONDOM. In-spite of having a steady gf he never missed a chance to do a hanky panky with a girl. Somebody said right Virginity is not a matter of destiny its a lack of opportunity......and i m sure for all true lovers of ma clg if they get a chance than they will also never say no to this......Patel luv u.

we have some more heroes in the catagory like yogi and Vindhes. i considered as the master of this sex game. they had every type of experiance like "pata k sex", paid sex , emotional sex , and a forceful sex. their follower anna and ashish is still not so much lagging  even he is on of the regular customer of AGRA's red light area. the list was so long and google never allowed me to take this much space for ma "pole khol"

They said that i m CITIABAAZ , i admit that i m , i proudly said i m , becoz sometimes citiabaazi is a better compliment that a virginity looser.I proud to b a VIRGIN.i posted this blog on the special request of patel who teased me with name but now i have a answer......u fucking asshole a NON VIRGIN .

THInkINg POwer OF MInd


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