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Sunday, November 28, 2010

WhY THey SHit

If you are a blogger than you must know how much is this hard to come up with something new over your blog every time except if you are not in category of those extra-creative-fucking-assholes , but if you are just a reader and found reading newspaper more worthily than a blog than this is not a place for u and just Go To Hell, 

Many of my readers took me as a crap, nonsense, insane and a shitty blogger who can never write something worthily but first of all i must say that ........ u are right and secondly if i start to write something influencing, motivating and non-shitty than who will read Shakespeare LOL !!! But ... 
After applying all ma available mind i found some reasons that why anyone blog.  

1.  Because they like to blog. They just have habit of writing in-spite of the fact what they are writing.

2.  Because they want their readers to feel like fucked up every time they open their blog.

3.  Because they want to sharpen their writing skills so that one day they can write something like “ Munni Badnaam” or “Sheila ki jawani”.

4.  Because they don’t have any girlfriend and not even any kind female gender in life, they are like frustrated-fisherman.

5. After the success of sound and air pollution they want to spread Literature-Pollution.  

6. Because crazy sites like twitter, facebook doesn’t allow them to write more than 140 words.

7.  Because Amitabh Bachhan , Gul panag and many more also used to write  blogs.

8.  Because they want to do P.hD over blogging.

9.  Because they are 21 century teenager so they want to shit globally by using technology.

10.  To use F-Word in reality is called as abusive word but on blog its called as their writing style.

11. To improve their typing speed.

12. Just an effort to improve their English from which they were suffering from last 2 decades and going to suffer almost next 2 decades.

13. Because they hardly write anything in exams so they throw their frustration on their blogs.

14. So that they can brag in outer world and put themselves in a category of Bullshit-Creative-Creature.

15. They read many of Newton’s insane theories now its time for revenge and for world to read their insane theories.

16. When the stories like CID can b run so successfully than why not theirs.

17. Because if you don’t blog others will think you as a lame and impotent incapable.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

14 WHY & No REAsons

INsanity by Mag[m]:-

BADLUCK…… it is not just the opposite of good luck , it is damn fucking insane world which can make your life worst than hell and can compel you to suffer like anything. People says GOD is everywhere but I said BADLUCK is everywhere, it is something like Badluck k haath kanoon se bhi lambe hai… ha ha haw haw”. It has a similar effect that joint has after whisky… crazy, insane and yes dangerous too. I just want to share some general phenomenon of badluck….. 

1 The queue you have left must move faster than one you are in.

2 Whenever there is grease in your hands your nose starts to itch more terribly.

3 You will meet the busy traffic signals most when you are in hurry.

4 Probability of meeting a known person is high when you are with someone whom you are not supposed to be.

5 When dialing a wrong number it will never be engaged.

6 During exams everything in the world becomes interesting except reading, even watching a wall.

7 A coin dropped down will attain the most unreachable corner possible.

8 Whatever you left in syllabus to study will definitely come in the exams.

9 Not even a single ATM will work when you are on outing with your girlfriend and running out of money.

10 when you have to make an important call, your network always sucks you.

11 A TV program must have some hot & sizzling scenes when you are watching it with someone whom u are not supposed to be at that time.

12 There must always some scary sounds you hear when you are alone at night in your home with a power cut.

13 Teacher must surely check the home work when you are running out of it.

14 Class rooms are the best sleeping place in the world unless the fact u slept whole night before.

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