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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CruSHes ARE mEANT tO bE cruSHed

INsanity By Mag[m]:-

First day in office was not like birthday that came every year in your life , i was excited, nervous and sitting alone at the corner of the last bench  of the auditorium. complete formal dress, hanky in pocket, shining shoes ,neatly shaved bloody face, a zipped mouth and a closed mind avoiding every possible insane idea, that were some of ma attributes and i was trying at ma best to ignore every probability of any kinda mis-happening here. i just wanna be lost in crowd but i guess..... Nature and Signature cant be changed so easily.

Mouth was wide open as like i was trying to eat the whole burger in a single bite, eyes were trying to pop up from their cave, all ma 5 senses gone on hibernation, violins were ready to show their ability, dead silent auditorium was suddenly converted into some scenic beauty of Paris as Miss Pink directly from heaven entered in auditorium as well as deep in ma heart . Small pink Bindi on forehead, round pink ear rings, and a pink suit  was generating the tsunami of love waves inside ma mind, her Broad bangles and soft pink glossy lips compelled me to declare her as the awesom-ist amongst other 210 opposite gender trainees of the campus. She looked at back may be on me or  poll / painting / Tata logo/Lights besides me and passed a smile and chosen to sit in first row and never looked back for entire session for her biggest fan of the day on last row but she had already make ma day and another love story had already started from the two opposite corners of the auditorium. Lucknow was ready to make a collaboration with Hyderabad.

In the same evening ma face book acc. was ready to introduce a new creature to the world and it was none other than her would be soul-mate ...

Name : Mag
Age : 7256700000 seconds
Fav color : pink
Fav Band : pink Floyd
Fav City : Pink city ( Jaipur)
Fav animal : Pink Panther
Fav song : Gulabi aankhein jo teri dekhi


I bought a new PINK shirt to gave company to her and ready with all ma best assets , today we were having the orientation program to learn companies code of conduct but practically m learning the concepts of triangle of Algebra. I was continuously gazing at Miss pink , Miss Pink was focusing on HR and unfortunately HR was gazing at me. * bad time and place to learn algebra* but its already too late for me and when i realized it i found 4 things :
1. a red face of HR
2. 400 female and 620 male eyes penetrating me
3. HR's pointed finger over me
4. face of 510 morons ready to put pressure on their 37 muscles to laugh hard at me.
 This devil would definitely eat me without even asking for salt...

HR: Whats your name gentleman.
Me: M...m...Mag
HR: from which Recruiting Branch ?
Me: Bangalore
HR : ummm *deep breath* why are you wearing this pink shirt ?

I was fell shocked by hearing pink shirt rather than his question, did he knew about ma one sided still progressive love story, did he knew ma intentions to wear pink, did he already knew Miss Pink, did i found a villain like as every Bollywood love story had, should i confess in front of him or rather in front of these 510 morons and a camera which was going to make available this recording to the rest of 1.87 laks employees of this company. Bad idea...totally a bad idea.

Me: just like that only.
HR: Dont you know that pink 1 was banned for boys, its a symbol of GAY. * a giants laugh in the auditorium and initiated by Miss pink*.

Its time to consult with local Love-Gurus as they said " If you want to impress a girl first be different from others and she should recognize this change" and i stepped ahead to achieve ma mile stone. When ma batch mates were rubbing their asses with Mainframe and SAP coding i was busy with ma crash course on" how to learn telagu in 30 days", decided to climb those fucking 94 steps on hill to reach ma office to saw her again in the night. ma 8 hrs office timings converted into 15 hrs, i was there on each path waiting for her which she can possibly follow,i became the most well known face for security guards and a disaster for coffee machine. Finally i decided to mail her.... mail her in telagu, and than after long days of waiting , sleepless nights and a beer bar and ma inbox is still waiting for that name.....

If u stand on mid of India you will find Lucknow towards north pole and Hyderabad towards south pole and as per newton's law opposite polls always attract each other, but now struggling against the theory, Newton cheated over me. Screw up with you man....

PS: This post is dedicated to the one who have a face of  angels but a heart of devils.... and thanks to NIKITA to break ma blogger's block

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