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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

GOD vs Me

INsanity by mag[m]:- 

Many of us always have a desire to be like a superhero and having a girlfriend like Kristen Stewart and even they know that these are just far from impossible. There is always some things that makes no sense but still they have a special place in your heart. I know u don’t agree with me that’s why there are always two kind of people in this world, first one who lives their life KING-SIZE and the second one who used to live their life DICK-SIZE. I choose the first one you can choose yours and the thing which is close to ma heart is ma conversation with GOD.

Me: Whats your name ?
G: GOD from heaven *head up in proud and heaviness in voice*

Me: m not asking about your community dude, whats your name ?*little irritation*
G: I don’t have any, you people just call me with this name, actually m the designer of this universe *again proud*

Me: How do I believe, do u have any proof *grinned*
G: Are u mentally disabled or something else, You are asking GOD for proof *strange*…. Ok u can ask anything to me about that.

Me: Do you have an Engineers degree.
G: No
Me: Do you know C, C++, Java , Oracle, DBMS.
G: *blank*
Me: can you work over Linux, windows, mackintosh ??
G: *blank*

Me: what a bullshit is that, u neither have a degree nor knowledge and claming yourself as a designer, damn this Corruption*anger*. I spend 16+ years to b a software designer.

G: Whats this software and what is its use ?
Me: You have different GOD’s for everything like air god, water god, fire god , But we can simply manage all this just by a man made software. It is easy to use and even you can consult giants like Microsoft , google for your own software for heaven.

G: but it will spread unemployment amongst GOD.
Me: *grinned*

G: Still we are best,  humans are existing on earth just because of us, we are behind their birth.
Me: ohhh really and I always thought it is a mutual effort of a man and women at night which always result as a birth of new life *grinned*

G: But I can decide when, where and how a new life will begin.
Me: so what…. I can tell you when will it end. *proud*

G: how ? *confused*
Me: Try Facebook’s DEATH CLOCK application. BTW we can create GOD too.

G: ohhh really like as..??
Me: RAJNIKANTH, he can do anything which is still looks impossible to you. It’s a 21 century dude and now we are better than you.

G: *crap* we can make the things happen.
Me: and we know why things happen. We have an explanation for almost everything. Even we have an explanation for your existence, you are here because us only.

G: This is crap, u cant say like that….
Me: yaaa I can say… ok just tell me than why all the traces of your existence found only on earth and not on mars , moon or any other planet.
G: *blank*

G: But still population explosion , corruption will never let u be better.
Me: u are blaming us for population explosion *bullshit* Do you know every other country have GOD’s  population in thousands only but when it comes to INDIA, it is 3.8 billion *thnxs to encyclopedia and google* and we are just following your trend .

G: leave it dude, lets talk about something light , whats ur name ?
Me: M an Indian by birth and Blogger by choice.*proud again*
G: but how do I believe?
Me: you can read it on BTW for that you need to have net connection *poor guy* , still u need to learn a lot from us *grinned*

G: Will you work for me ?
Me: * surprised cum shocked*  what….!!!  what will I do for you ?
G: You know about softwares, technologies , blogging and all, You are talented , mind blowing and simply a genius. Work for me and I will pay you whatever you want.

Me: I never heard these three world along with ma name but its time to revise others  dictionary and add me as a synonym of these three words. Now m a GOD certified genius
But whats ma package and incentives ?
G: what you want ?

Me: ummm nothing much just some billions, small island to live, an ocean of beer and one hot chick from heaven.
G: Done

suddenly I was kicked on ma ass and a bucket of water poured over me, I jumped in a reaction and realises that was just a dream , there is no billions, island, beer and hot chick waiting for me in reality, and most painful is that no more genius word for me.

Me: Is that a way to wake up someone even when he is living most awesome days of his life .
Roomey: dude its your interview today.
Me: huh……

I just smiled little and gave a whatever type look , I got ready for ma call and during the whole interview instead of software I just remembered that GOD called me a genius and irony was that I got the job.

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cheerupalways said...

what a wonderful conversation it is...!!!
God must know the engineers...

Vishal Raj said...

Fun work...

Anonymous said...

cool manish dude..patel likes it..hhhaa

Mag[m] said...

@anuj.... thnxs dude

@vishal.... always here

@Patel... thnxs dude.... BTW y this anonymous name dear

Mag[m] said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Mag. You Suck. If you were a real man you would let this comment stay and explain yourself properly.

So here's my question.

Are you gay?

Shrikant said...

he he he he.. Man that was totally insane.. INSANE!!

God Certified Genius!!

Now thats a degree I wud like to have!!

Anonymous said...

NOTHING in your blog makes sense.

Mag[m] said...

@anonymous.... surely not man.... i like kristen stewart too..

@ shrikant.... thats an awesome degree for me too

@anonymous.... i know man.... thats y its name is Mags insanity

pramod said...

nice dream, ocean of beer, i rem.two person stranded in ocean in small boat, seven days hungry, a genie appears, one wish !,he says convert the ocean to beer,
granted,.friend asks, did i do right,
other says, ya man, very well, just worried ,now we have to piss on the boat.

Mag[m] said...

@ pramod.... hahaha thats an insane thinking

Mayank said...

haha .. nice conversation bro. Interestin n creative....

BTW, engineers and Rajinikanth ruuulz !

Aashish Sood said...

sahi hai man!!! Awesome interaction with THE GOD (proud!)
Even the god must be thinking that either he is insane to be having this discussion or that the guy is insane to be challenging him (We ofcourse know the latter to be tru!)

Afshan said...

These lines R THE BEST
G: *crap* we can make the things happen.
Me: and we know why things happen. We have an explanation for almost everything. Even we have an explanation for your existence, you are here because us only.

Mag[m] said...

@mayank.... engineers always... thnxs dude

@ashish.... lolz, even god is insane

@afshan... thnxs dear...

Romeo Das said...

That was an interesting conversation Mag. Reminds me of an application that came in Orkut where we could chat with God. Beautifully written!
Loved your post man!

Btw, hope you like my recent post on how I conveyed my love - When love calls

Take care!

salma hayek said...

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Sunil J said...

Very interesting post. At first it was going to be a philosophical conversation like Plato or Socrates had. Then I thought it was going to be some kind of rip off from the book "Conversations with God." Then I thought it was an ego trip. But a nice save in the end and funny.... :-)

sm said...

well written
sorry did not get your point.

Anonymous said...

What man. You've disappeared? We're missing you. Please write soon.
Lots of love
Natasha <3

Anonymous said...

Why don't you write about engineering students sex life?
I would love to know more about those things.

Hopeing to hear from you soon


Amy said...

If one day you feel like crying,
Call me.
I don’t promise that I will make you laugh,
But I can cry with you.

If one day you want to run away,
Don’t be afraid to call me.
I don’t promise to ask you to stop,
But I can run with you.

If one day you don’t want to listen to anyone,
Call me.

I promise to be there for you.
And I promise to be very quiet.

But if one day you call,
And there is no answer,
Come fast to see me,
Perhaps I need you.

Procrastinator said...

Nice write dude! Anyway, do check out my blog too.I started recently.

Mag[m] said...

@romeo... thnxs man...

@salma... will try some other time

@Sunil j... nd i thought it was insane from starting... BTW thnxs dude

@sm.. no worry dear... even sometimes i missed that

@natasha... opppss u asked for wrong topic... i cant control ma feeling while writing those things

@amy... whats that... u comment on ma blog or now should i comment over ur comment..?

@procrastinator.....thnxs buddy... will surely do that...

div said...

nice post.. njoyed reading it..

Jayanth said...

LOL!! funny! i do not know if you changed the order of the convo towards the in..G spoke first..and then M did. But when M took control, M spoke and G replied! Nice!

Mag[m] said...

@div.... thnxs dear...

@jayanth.... yeah that an irony...


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