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Saturday, June 26, 2010

MTv ....that makes a difference

After writing many worst post now m addicted to write even more worse ( hmm...Practice made a man perfect ) But its not entirely ma fault ,as so many blogger with so many mind, worked on so many stories that how can a little devil like me can get the story or even idea , m like an insane who cant write on abstract topics like nature, internet, social add ....etc ( aawwkkkk chhhiiiiii) and always need some interesting incident to b portrayed ( ohhhhh...... 4 lines completed without any relevant i consider ma self a good writer).

But still somehow ma story begins....Room was filled with extreme silence , tube light denied to glow, fan was generating a tornado, and mind restricted all the flow ......ohhh  no no it was not any haunted house it was ma weird room where i was sleeping ,and today too i was doing the same thing when suddenly a atom bomb blasted just above ma ear ( actually a pendulum watch)  one after another a continuous chain of 10 atom bombs....WTF  yaar......i didnt hate ma studies as  much as i hate the pendulam of ma watch. i woke up and sat on couch in front of TV and try to listen a romantic song  with mind almost  in coma. Suddenly a romantic song transformed into intolerable wrap music, I focussed ma mind with irritation...... ohhh was not wrap yaar it was ma mom who was calling me for breakfast , I stood up but  suddenly ma mobile rang   and.... and..... and  it was girlfriend

SHRUTI :- Hello honey , how r u ??

ME :- ( with 1000 volts of supply) Hey shr.....shrikant  ( MOM was just beside me ) how r u ???   kab wapas  aayi ??? and howz ur trip ...??

SHRUTI :- who is this bloddy shrikant..?? okiessss  so urs mom was near and u r terrified .....ohhh  POOR MOMS BOY  ...well meet me in 1 Hr in CCD. m going back to ma aunty's palce in nainitaal in 2 hrs.

ME :- ( what 1 hr its impossible...lots of works to do ...from  toilet to breakfast) okk m coming.


ME :- hmm  bye

SHRUTI :- na na say LOVE U ..... if u really love me than say LOVE U.

ME:- (what the bloody hell... does these two words r capable in justifying ma loyality ...if not than what the Fuck is this ) hmmmm LABLOO bye.( disconnected with a sign of releif)

I turned besides, ma mom was gazing me with her thousands of unfired bullets.....

ME :- WHAT....!!!

MOM :- who was on the phone ??

ME :- Shrikant.... ma class mate in clg

MOM :-  than y u say " kab wapas aayi "..??

ME :- ( beta manish ...this time no one can save u ) did i say aayi.... what aayi....what r u talking mom...what aayi no gayi.... this is all just beacuase of urs nonsense SAAS BAHU SERIALS.

MOM :- what is this LABLOO..?

ME :- ( ohh shit.....!!!! she remembered it too...what a memoy....y didnt she try for RAW  or FBI ) ... ummm umm actually his nick name was BABLOO so we tease him by DABLOO , LABLOO , FABLOO and all. ummm   Now may i go...???

MOM :- but before that drop me at chachi's place.

ME :- no mom , i will b late i cant...

MOM :- Beta its urgent...

I cant even understand what to do or what not, whom to choose and whom to ditch. A great dilemma captured ma mind but suddenly someone helped me. Who....?? its  MTv.... How ...??

Bagon  k her phool ko apna samajhe baghbaan
her ghadi kare rakhwali
patta patta, daali-daali seenche baghbaan 
Baghbaan rab hai baghbaan

WHAT.......!!! how can this crap turned me , how can this take me away from ma gf , infact these 4 line shows such a result that i have to throw hundreds of sorry, thousands of swears , and millions of emotional attack to compensate the effect.

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Stranger said...

band baja ji tune...sabki!!!!
just amazing yar!!!!

Abhishek Bhardwaj said...

Yaar what a Post !
You were amazing.
So funny !
Your posts regarding your girl friends inspired me to write new post on my blog, My GirlFriend My Dream( )
Hats Off !

Neha said...

nice didn't seem like a fiction.. :)

Mag[m] said...

no neha its not a fiction

thenaiveblogger said...

Hilarious! Keep it going :)
Feel free to view mine at

A Restless mind with a sensitive heart! said...

Hey Mag, thanks for ur comments on my blog. can u suggest me some good site for templates??

A Restless mind with a sensitive heart! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chandrika Shubham said...

Interesting! :)

Geeta Singh said...

:)) simply superb..

Mag[m] said...

@chandrika @ geeta.... thnxs

Mag[m] said...

@chandrika @ geeta.... thnxs

The Solitary Writer said...

hmm it is indeed difficult to talk to your girl with your momma around...hehe wonderful and reactions were super hehe

Lolland said...

Awesome hai yaar.. hope the further conversation were not disturbed by anyone :P and that it all worked out. best of luck!!

Do read my post below, and vote for it if you like :)
Lolland - Too Smart to be True


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