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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A TRAINgular journey

One of ma friend was addicted of blogging and and started its TRAINgular journey...but unfortunately train stopped caused engine failure and its blog too.But this TRAINgular journey does not have any resemblance with that older one but have so much similarity with ma story that even i cant stop ma self from title stealing     ( srry  yaar  ankit ). Title suits the story in both the ways, first one that incidence was happened in TRAIN and second was that its a story of Three(Triangle) creatures ( what a worst description, now i consider maself as a geek) , so A TRAINgular journey....

Patna-Mathura Express that played the lead role in the movie and i was just a passenger that caught the train on Agra station. "S-7, 63 Middle birth", I entered in the train with ma heavy luggage , with t-shirt that quoted "Bachna e haseeno lo mai aa gaya"( cool),  I searched for ma seat location, placed ma luggage, bought some water bottle and some packets of biscuit, put the music on headphones and finally settled down, than suddenly a female voice came frm ma left side , I turned and.... WTF...!! It was an ANGEL  having fair complexion wearing skin tight jeans and a black top quoted "All men are dogs", I immediately remove ma gazing eyes to prevent me from category of DOG , I wanna talk to her but that t-shirt slogan terrified me all the time.She read ma quote and passed a smile like I belongs to some urban area of africa who would have least dressing sense on planet , her eyes were shouting on me like "POOR GUY", first time I felt embarrassed abt ma dress, i immediately covered up the slogan with ma shirt and passed a friendly smile in response.

time was passed slowly and at 1 in night train stopped at TUNDLA JUNCTION, creature lying in front of me removed its blanket and......OMG !!! Another ANGEL.... I never expect this much of excitement came in ma life on just a single night...white short kurta with navy blue jeans having black friendship band on whitish wrist and the circular specks was generating a tremendous innocence on her face. She woke up... made her throat wet and asked me...

ANGEL:- which station is this ?

Me:- Tundla ...... ummm  kahan tak jana hai aapko ???

ANGEL:-(...Angry look....with a desire to slap me hard  ) LUCKNOW .

Me:- ( with Killing smile ) M too going Lucknow , Lucknow me  kahan jana hai aapko ? ( This time i  crossed the limit )

ANGEL:- Do u have any magazine ???
Me:-  yaaa ( I have to choose between Playboy and India today) i offered India Today.
ANGEL:- thnxs ( conversation ended).

I was excited too much that even i cant sense that what the crap i was doing and saying....I headed toward first angel she was busy with her headphones , i collected all ma nerves and said.

Me:- can u plz close the window its so cold ("giggles")
ANGEL:- without any respose to me she closed the shutter and busy again with her head phones.
Me:- (i felt strange but for longer conversation i fired another deadly question) Kaun sa gaana sun rahi hai ???
ANGEL:-  Ringa-Ringa Remix (what a weired look as she was compelled to tell her size in a public place)
Me:- Immediately i remembered the lyrics....what a sizzling lyrics , i passed a notorious smile with a slight tilt of eyes.

I have lost in ma own created world where i was sat alone with the two most hot chicks of ma life and enjoying their every little activity and most optimistically i started thinking one of them as ma future girl friend.  Old age community of ma train was gazing me as i teased their daughter or grand daughter, First time train compartment looks better than heaven, vibration of train creates the scene of dancing platform and and i felt maself like INDRA DEV to whom these two APSARAYE were trying to attract.

But every time i got the balloon of happiness somebody came to puncture it , an old lady of approx age 60-65 came sat next to me and said very politely " can u plz exchange ur seat with me, i have an upper birth and cant climb". ....NO  NOT  NEVER this was ma first reaction but unfortunately soundless , first time both the two angels were looking at me , first time the old age community was gazing me with some expectations , first time a thought what m going to do is wrong ....but YES... YES was ma answer.

I shifted to the upper birth , entire compartment murmuring abt me " WHAT A NICE GUY" , I put headphones in ears and like always closed ma eyes and lost again in ma so called dreams where at least i can plot the timing , characters and story.

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DX said...

blistering traingular dude.......

Mag[m] said...

Dxx....thnxs dude....

Addy said...

awesome blog dude!!! great going! Super experiences and stories you've got there! \m/

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

nice stories posted down there!!!

Mag[m] said...

Thnxs Jesson and rey ann

ankit vaibhav said...

mag m.....gud out fr my new post....


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