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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love...LABOUR...... LOST

Love stories, that fascinates most of the peoples and while reading those they expect that " kaash mai hota hero ki jagah". but it is one of  the herculean task to be implemented. During ma engineering I saw many types of love like physical love, telephonic love, love via sms(Patel) , love via gtalk (manish)and most famous one sided love(ankit vaibhav). But only some one of us get the complete package of it. This was a story of a girl named SHRUTI. she was the liver of  Delhi and dont know why i started liking Delhi more than ma hometown , she was a CS engineer .

Most important  fact abt shruti is that her father has a software industry in London and she is the only daughter of his so it was like a movie STYLE where hero does only a gud thing in his whole life to make a gf that worth millions.i don't want loose the life time opportunity but one of the love guru of ma collage once said that only the china made things can be founded easily but they don't have any guarantee so as with love. But this girl factor or her family background made me blind and i started living in wonderland where u fix her pic as a computer wallpaper, u start having hanky in your pocket and more specifically u start avoiding abusive language and start taking less alcohol than previous.

Everything is going in its full flow but prob arises when i went to met her. It was a betrayal with me she ditch me she didn't came. I felt bad but worried more bcoz i have to answer ma mates about ma so called date who are more intrested in ma betrayal story than ma date,the situation came like " ab aaya oont pahad k neeche"and no body is in mood to forgive me.

After two days again we started talking with each other but this time m talking with ma mind than ma heart. now i have a very diplomatic answer of every question. this time it was me who made the things as before bcoz i wanna know who was playing pranks I tried so hard but i failed. i stopped talking with her ,deleted her frm ma orkut and gtalk.that was the best thing i can do to prevent me from any more embarrasment.

But wo kehte hai na ki sayana kutta "" khata hai. that was the case with me after 3 days she called me and it was a total bullshit with me. she was not fake . Everything that she told me earlier was true and now she dont want any relation with me. It was a break-up call.Now i cant find earth below ma feet it was a totally a KLPD like situation with me. That was a call that cost me millions . i have missed the opportunity to be a NRI . I will find another girl but how can i manage the millions.

1 comment:

DX said...

dats true buddy.. v think dat v find our love but its all rubbish. Now i dont believe in love anymore..... One thing dat i want is to F*** someone.....


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