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Sunday, April 25, 2010

ANKIT MISHRA.....a HIDden HUnk's persoNALs

This post is specially for ma frnd ankit. He is a man of great BHASHARATPUR,altough it was a typicall goan type name but still he always said that first "h "is silent in the name( plz pronounce it with "h" and without "h") it is a place just like our favorite CHAUMSBERG where on national highways hardly two bikes can travel in parallel and where still people prefer LOTA in morning than TOILET.

Well he is cute innocent and a chocolaty type boy with guts and balls......oops sorry its not balls its FOOTBALL but unfortunately with a dirty mind . I know u dont beleive me but who can almost raped a girl who takes tutions from him during his coaching times and more after who dare to search for balls in a girl's jeans while watching the  movie MURDER with her in the darkness of theater and more intrestingly she was his neighbour in Gorakhpur ( who khows aur kya kya khel kiya hoga us bechaari k saath ). He is an experianced guy of RED LIGHT (what a short cut yaar ) .He is a real asshole.

He is a man who is a chain of disgusting activities or totally insane, He loves the "transy suit" ( real word is missing) of  ANNI and (-) (-) of our lady chemistry teacher , skin of RASSAGULLA and......i cant discribe any more bcoz it consists some sizzling part of female community , u can imagine his HAWAS by that  ki sote samay bhi LAAR tapakti rehti hai.He is a man with HYDRO SEAL.

Overall he is such a great personality with a very soft heart but as he himself admit that his sexual orientation has been changed so now he is planning for silicon implantation for some curves.... (ohhhh yaaa 34-B it is his fav no and it is not a shoe no) m running out of words to discribe him more but talking abt him is sometimes so worthfull specially for lady lovers.

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