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Friday, May 28, 2010

InsIDe STorY

Dont b confuse that it was an interview call for a job...or news paper or else.. bcoz neither m a celebrity nor the news channels have enough time nd space for such craps like me.

It was a hard call from hell (warden's office) where 7-8 monster r waiting for attack on a cute innocent boy who has just a crime to get drunked at that day. But whats a big deal if a 22 yr engineering guy drinks half a bottle of beer( actually just was 3 nd half bottle)... even people can smoke more poision in pollution in metros.

Monster: Whats ur name?
Me: Manish

Monster: From where u r coming ?
Me: (motherfucker when u know d truth than y r u asking with me) aaahhh...aaaahhh....nowhere sir.

Monster:Whats ur father mobile no.... tumhre kaarnaame to bata de?
Me: (this was d only thing frm which i afraid) Sir ma parents went to australia....aaaahhhh ma brother too....

Monster: "ghar per koi hai" ?
Me: naaah....only ma cousin was there...

Monster: call him ?
Me: i cant sir....plz sir plz....aahhh actually he was physically challenged by ear.

Monster: achha.... than write an apology letter and i will post it to to ur home
Me: mmm yes sir...(laughing silently...i know m safe now)i wrote an apology letter.

accidently he saw ma cell phone and all go for last dialed no... oh shit .....not was a no of a girl on whom i wasted ma 9 sms packs in just past 3 days.....he called her.

Monster: Is that arpita..??
She :yes

Monster : u know manish ??
She : yes

Monster: (with kamini smile) m UMESH calling frm manish's clg...and wanted to know u something abt manish..
She : go to hell with manish and u too...dont dare to call me again u asshole...he frustrated me with his msgs....if next time u called i will launch an FIR against u both ...

Monster looked at me with puzzled eyes filled with anger... but now he strats talking to me with some kind of a respect ( i guess that he guessed that i m not caught just by a guess, he might have though me as a big criminal , a gangster) he said....

Monster: aur kaun kaun tha saath me ??
Me: sir I drink alone...
Monster: y so ?
Me: bcoz i became violent and dangerous after drinking.
Monster: how u know...??
Me : ma frnds told me...
Monster: nd whats ur frnd name ??
Me : ( now i realizez what i told to him) aaahhh no one sir....aawwwaaaak...(vomit...(actually pretend 2 vomit)

he looked at me and said ...go to ur room i will see u tommorow....u will regret for this mistake....but once anyone get from instant than no bloody mother fucker licking dick can do anything...

BRokEN DEsireS
LOOse CONtrol
STruGGliNG stREEts OF LOve
LOve LOst LAbour
VIRgiNIty Vs FlirtING

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Anonymous said...

good one.. keep thinking.... and add more of ur posts.. i read all ur posts at go one and i m really amazed on ur thinking.. ye sach hai..


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