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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

STRUGGLING streets OF love

It was a story of the time when drinking referred as coffee or tea and smoking was hidden unreal dream of mine.where bunking the classes is the one of the most daring task and enjoyment means a canteen party. It was a time of ma first year. It was the year when i had done nothing except NEERVI .

She was the first crush of mine in college but who knows that ma other closest frnds also have the same crush.It was just like as a line in front of a ration shop . But one of ma senior suggested me once that its better to choose a girl than ur frnd. so i planned to remove all ma frnds frm line rather than to impress her.It tooks a complete one sem but the 2nd sem was mine when i have no rival on competetion.

One of ma Love guru once said that in the theory of "patana-satana-hatana" patana was the most easy task but unfortunately i was failed in this part. During ma second sem as she was ma practical partner we spent atleast 12 hr a week sitting just next to each other hardly 2 cm away. It was a memorable time when she leaned totally on me during dark room practical, some of her sensitive parts were generating a wave inside ma manhood.I really like her specially in her transy suit.She always used to crash her node to sit besides me during every computer laband Even I was ragged inhumanly many times by one of our senior ATUL MANISHI just bcoz of her.

The unsaid commitment can b seen frm both side when i used to catch the train frm Kanpur instead of Lucknow just to meet her and she used to catch the train at 2.30 mid night just to complete the promise to attend the physics lab together.I had to pay 700 for a 300 college shirt just bcoz she said that it was a nice shirt and suits u.But still i thought that all is just a frndship.But that sucking electrical lab when she told me that she knows everything. Everything means abt ma crush in clg, ma efforts for it, ma attempts to talk with her and more specifically she knows, all that is for her only.

I was so famous bcoz of her that once i received a phone call frm her home town by one of her so called ASHIK named UMANG he warn me to stay away frm her and said that she was her GF. After that the sms round was started on ma cell phone it was all bullshit road chaap PYAAR WALI SHAAYRI sended by her another ASHIK who claimed that she gave him this no and said that it activated only when she was in clg. Ma no was  aired in whole JAAT's city .sorry for this rude but yet impressive word.

She now became totally  mystry for me with  lots of affair cases which were proved right when one of her class mates joined our clg as ma jounier.But still i want her bcoz only the bad girls can take u anywhere, I proposed her but it was a shocking, all bullshit for me that she refused. I cant understand the reason than one of ma favourite senior suggested to me that "Only a whore can accept ur proposal in single attempt". so try untill she said yes. But i cant bcoz firstly it was a men's ego and secomndly i  believed in BUS STOP gone than another must come.


Irshad said...

superb man. u explore the chemistry tremendously.

Build Muscle Burn Fat said...

Do not worry about what other people say as long as you like her.


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