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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Many Idiots

We r just like the next 13 lacks of upcoming graduates of this year but we are not like just " A Common Man" of movie A WEDNESDAY. We have something that makes us different from all and i don't know whether this difference is worth full or not.

A famous indian myth said that all the R & D and designing of humans beings was done by Lord BRAHMA but we r those whom are created by Lord SHIV because we have taken the zahar to the next level. ZAHAR , don't go for its literal meaning its a quality by virtue of which u can frustrate someone and compelled him to surrender in front of u.

we is counted as common noun so it doesn't have any specific name but we have. Its a WHITE STICK , we love this name and proud on it until only our parents knows about it because if they know what it means than we never know when will we go back home again.

We show different moods of  Lord SHIVA while creating us. he might be very hungry while creating anna, he might b thinking of his wife while creating ankit mishra but suddenly his hand shakes and some of parts missed( u know which part)  frm his body and it became a boy ,he must made Mangal during his TAANDAV , he might have created sumit while thinking of his older age and  after creating we all he wanna to take revenge from us so he created pd to punish us all.

In our collage life we have learned alot but unfortunately nothing was mentioned in the our syllabi, we had learned all the things that we were not supposed to learn and never done the the things for that we are here for.we spend more time on dhaba than to lecture hall.people warry for the exams but we warry from NAVRAATRI ( 9 continuous dry day).we never spend sleepless nights during exams bcoz one of our visionary frnd Yogi once said that " Agar subah ka padha subah likh diya jaye to kabhi galat nhi hota". Ultimately from Engineers we became a multidimesional persons.M personally writing this blog to show that even I can do this and more specifically to make fuss of some of ma mates.

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