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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At YOur SERvice Ma'am : Dabba

Insanity by Mag[m]:-

Statutory Warning :  If you expect another spicy story than definitely this is not a post for you, This is something that is directly from ma heart to ma another heart( Ma Best friend) dedicated to his heart( his Girlfriend) who wants to live in her heart.

It is against the laws and ethics to write about your friend’s Girlfriend but I was compelled to do so because in past 2 months I heard her name so many time as Sachin never heard of Cricket in his whole life. Ohhh hold it....hold it !!!  This is not a love triangle and m not one of its vertices, This is simple straight and made-for-each-other types love story.They are two personalities with almost similar features and qualities.

In fact probably I don’t like her because she is the one who reduced the counting of insane from the world by one ie. Saurabh aKa Dabba.He was an asshole …yeah I mean it….he was an asshole….srry but as an engineer I don’t know any better word to express ma deepest affection for him. He is the man who never follows any rule that is mentioned in college rule book, According to him Vodka was a thing which separates men out of boys, chocolates and popcorn were meant for children, girls were nothing more than a God’s mistake and he was unpredictable and mysterious like sunshine in newspaper….. but ALAS !!!  now a days….

  1. He drank Mountain Dew more than Vodka.
  2. He talks about love instead of boys EYE-TONIC.
  3. Now his biggest achievement is his girlfriend rather than lighting a cigarette in single attempt in front of a fan.
  4. Now his favorite movie is DDLJ rather than Dil Dosti etc .

 He is not that Saurabh whom we know, “bhagwan us purane saurabh ki aatma ko shanty de”.

Lets talk something about his girlfriend , I personally don’t know her but whatever I heard from his mouth , I can write another encyclopedia on her. Her name is Nikita from Mangalore who looks like an angel in Red & black. She prefer to sleep at last bench than to waste her time in studying on front row, her first priority is to assign craziest nickname to every possible living creature near by her, Even though she wants him to quit smoking but to try it once is her one of the burning desire. She is blessed with all the qualities that majority of non-sense girls rarely have.

Impact of this love story is so powerful that HP’s Mangalore campus is now known as Saurabh-Nikita campus and even I have to save Saurabh cell no as Saurabh-Nikita. People says that only opposite characters attracts but they forget the basic rule that only similar identities can be added and they are the biggest living example for that.

M writing all this not because he is ma one of the best pal or I like his changed beta version behavior in fact he was the one who criticized me most when I wrote the first story over ma blog, Today is one of the biggest day for both of us as m at the verge to make ma biggest critics as ma happy reader and he is at the the verge to propose his girlfriend globally and both of expect nothing less than YES….


FOR NIKITA ONLY : we we both succeeded can I share your chocolate that you gave to saurabh very first, its still there in Saurabh’s Almiraah. 

I Used SO Many colors because its Happy HOLI........

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Anonymous said...

really liked this one...thanx bro..

yeah ..saurabh aka dabba here..

maniac.hunter said...

sexy.....kya baat hai :)

kranjini said... friend and his girlfriend ;)

Siddhartha Joshi said...

hahaha...this is funny :) I guess she should read this as well...

... Madhumathi ... said...

Ur a comedian :D :P

Anonymous said...


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